BIG Heart from me, to you.

When did the last time i wrote on this ugly blog hah?
super short-term-memory-lost lah chibbi nie :D

well, related from the last post,
berkenaan 'Hilang' kan?
so, i can say that I'm in the process of recovering.

but still didn't 100% recovered. ada lagi kekurangan sana sini..
biasa la tu kan..

so.... dalam tempoh mendiamkan diri dari mengarut dalam blog ni, there's a LOT up's and down's from me, by me, in my life..

nak cerita, panjang sangat, kalau x cerita rasa cam pelik plak. :P

okay, i give it simple but yet padat dengan story okay!
i had a fight with my room mates, then we get right back.
i'm alone, dating with a guy than break up in a short time. and that's a normal for me, you know that ;)
but then, i have a CAKE  for my birthday! yayyy!!!!
surprisingly huh? but yeah, i have a cake for my 20th birthday. cool.... :D

Tapi.... i admit that i miss 'him'.
he used to be my friend, besties, and my boyfriend. because both of us really close once upon a time.
pecah rekod, its about almost 2 years we didn't contact each other.
ni lah rekod yang paling lama xbercakap or contact dengan kawan.

and yeah, boleh kata lagu "someone like you - adele" tu khas dedication utk dia.
kitorg xde apa2 hubungan. its just me and him as a closest friend ever. ade jugak la gaduh2.. macam adik beradik biasa.

the most touching part is, my mom asked me a shocking question on my birthday.
"dear, did 'A' come on your mini Bday party? or both of you just lost each other?"

dang, she really turns my nerve on...

i just kept quiet.. then, me and my mom acting like she never asked the question.

okay, DONE with that yep. :)
lpas tu, about my voice, i would say, Alhamdulillah.

i'm learning step by step. and develop some technique here and there, listening a different genre of music, and all of the stuffs.

but i have my new addiction though. i'm a big boss of Contact Lens now. and i love this. consider it as my job for my own pocket money :)

Last but not least, i have my own Jamming Studio.. yeah baby!
this is my dream.. thanks dad.

so, i will update more and more later yea.. getting really tired cz i have a competition tomorrow ^^..... see ya babes. Assalamualaikum :)